Provincial Team

Most Excellent Grand Superintendent
Michael Holland

Michael Holland is the head of Royal Arch Masonry in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.

I became a Royal Arch Mason in 1983, only ten months after I had become a Master Mason. I remember after completing the third degree, it was apparent that there were still questions to be asked and more to be discovered. It was by talking about this with some of my brethren, that I learnt by joining the Royal Arch, I would find the answers. Forty years on, I am still enjoying the beautiful and inspiring ceremonial and the companionship and enjoyment that Royal Arch membership provides.

Deputy Grand Superintendent
Robert Stacey PGSwdB
2nd Provincial Grand Principal
Charles Shepherd Perkins PGStB
3rd Provincial Grand Principal
Thomas Morrison PPGSwdB
Provincial Grand Scribe E
Godfrey Hannam PGStB

Provincial Grand Officers 2023

Provincial Grand Scribe NE Comp Geoffrey Warburton6498
Provincial Grand TreasurerE Comp Stuart Jones 7368
Provincial Grand RegistrarE Comp Andrew Moore338
Provincial Grand Director of CeremoniesE Comp David Hedley PGStB2240
Provincial Grand Sword BearerE Comp Robert Harris270
Provincial Deputy Grand Director of CeremoniesE Comp John Lewis8751
Provincial Grand AlmonerE Comp Anthony Allcock8751
Provincial Grand Charity StewardE Comp Dennis Beale2994
Provincial Grand Membership OfficerE Comp Christopher Bewley855
Provincial Grand Communications OfficerE Comp Simon Yule8751
Provincial Grand MentorE Comp Richard Myatt855
Provincial Principal Grand SojournerE Comp Richard Myatt855
Provincial 1st Assistant Grand SojournerE Comp Ronald Beddis2994
Provincial 2nd Assistant Grand SojournerE Comp Paul Broderick2994
Provincial Assistant Grand Scribe EE Comp Peter Fray PP1stAGSoj855
Provincial Grand Standard BearerE Comp Derrick Cropper855
Provincial Grand Standard BearerE Comp Ian Price2382
Provincial Grand OrganistE Comp Christopher Malpus PPGSoj270
Provincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesE Comp Harvey Wheeler PPGStB1067
Provincial Grand StewardE Comp Kevin Jones120
Provincial Grand StewardE Comp Richard Snelgrove1363
Provincial Grand StewardE Comp Peter Close4666
Provincial Grand StewardE Comp Mark Mullens6498
Provincial Grand JanitorComp Brian Norton2994
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