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Chapter NameMeeting DatesLocation
Foundation Chapter of Unanimity No 822nd Thursday in February, April, October and December.Cheltenham
Palladian Chapter No 1204th Monday in January, March, September and November.Hereford
Chapter of Hope and Sincerity No 2704th Wednesday in March, May, September and November.Berkeley
Vitruvian Chapter No 3383rd Friday in February, April, September and November.Ross-on-Wye
Royal Lebanon Chapter No 4933rd Tuesday in January, March, September andNovember. Gloucester
Cotteswold Chapter No 5921st Friday in February, May, October and December.Cirencester
Sherborne Chapter No 7024th Tuesday in February, April, September and November.Stroud
Royal Gloucestershire Chapter No 8393rd Monday in February, April and October and the last Monday in November.Gloucester
Chapter of Sympathy No 8552nd Thursday in February, April, September and November.Wotton-Under-Edge
Royal Edward Chapter No 8924th Monday in February and 4th Tuesday in May, the 3rd Thursday in September and the 3rd Tuesday in November.Leominster
Saint George’s Chapter No 9004th Monday in January, September and November and the 2nd Monday in April.Tewkesbury
Prince of Wales Chapter No 9512nd Wednesday in March, May, September and November.Stow on the Wold
Royal Forest of Dean Chapter No 10674th Thursday in January, and the 1st Thursday in March and October.Newnham
Tyndall Chapter No 13633rd Monday in February, May, September and November.Downend
Arrow Chapter No 22403rd Wednesday in March, May, July and October.Kington
Loyal Hay Chapter No 23821st Monday in March and November and on the 2nd Monday in May.Hay-on-Wye
Vassar-Smith Chapter No 29944th Friday in February, April, September and November.Lydney
Cantilupe Chapter No 40832nd Tuesday of February and April and the 3rd Tuesday of October and December.Hereford
Perseverance Chapter No 45544th Thursday in March, May, September and November.Cheltenham
Kingswood Chase Chapter No 46661st Tuesday in March, May, September and November.Downend
Regency Chapter No 62311st Thursday in February, April and November and the 2nd Thursday in September.Cheltenham
Kings Weston Chapter No 63332nd Monday in February, October and December.Avonmouth
Filton Chapter of Fortitude No 6498Last Thursday in January, March, May and October.Stapleton
Gloucestershire Schools Chapter No 72281st Friday in February, May and November.Stroud
Saint Peter’s Chapter No 73682nd Tuesday in March, June, September and December.Bromyard
Orpheus Chapter No 76973rd Monday in January, March, April and October.Downend
Gloucestershire and Herefordshire Chapter of First Principals No 79002nd Wednesday in April and the 3rd Wednesday in September.Gloucester or elsewhere by dispensation
Chosen Hill Chapter No 80673rd Friday in January and May, the 1st Friday in March and the 2nd Friday in September.Gloucester
Innsworth Chapter No 87514th Saturday in March and October and the 2nd Saturday in December.Gloucester
Hambrook Chapter No 89091st Tuesday in February, April, October and December.Chipping Sodbury
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